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Buy your Tassimo T Discs, Nespresso® compatible at Coffee Supplies Direct and Save Today! Whether it's T Discs for your new Tassimo coffee machine or pods for a Nespresso® compatible capsules machine; At Coffee Supplies, we aim to offer the widest variety of flavours for the cheapest of prices.
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Tassimo TDiscs

Whether your choice is Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Choclate, Flat White or Espresso. Tassimo has the range for you. Shop money-saving Coffee Pods from the brands we all love.

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L'OR Nespresso® Compatible Pods

L’OR offers a broad range of coffee pods, compatible with your Nespresso® machine. Each blend is created by our Coffee Artists for a different taste experience that engages all the senses. Choose your favourite blend, or explore new blends – from lungo, espresso and ristretto to decaf coffee capsules.

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