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Kenco Coffee

Kenco Coffee

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There's a Kenco Coffee For Everyone
From the robust to the delicate, the traditional to the inventive, Kenco boasts a diverse range of Ground and Instant Coffee to suit every discerning palate.
Whether you craft your barista-style Americano with Kenco Millicano, prefer the tried-and-tested convenience of our Kenco Rich, Smooth or Decaf instant coffee, or explore your favourite frothy coffees including Cappuccino, Latte and Flat White. you can rest assured that all Kenco coffee beans for every cup are carefully selected and blended.

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About Kenco Coffee

  • Kenco Coffee Grounded In Quality.

    For nearly a century, since 1923, Kenco has been a beacon of excellence in the world of coffee, consistently delivering great-tasting brews.
    Starting as a cooperative, Kenco has over 100 years of coffee expertise. This is evident in Kenco's meticulous selection of coffee beans from the best regions, our precise roasting techniques, and innovative blending methods. Using 100 years of coffee expertise, to creating great-tasting coffee, just as you like it, every time. Since 1923, the experts at Kenco have been selecting the finest coffee beans from across the world and turning them into legendary coffee experiences. From growing and harvesting to roasting and blending, Kenco's coffee experts dedicate themselves to the complex process of giving you the best-tasting coffee possible.